Too Bad!

Daily Kos is getting some heat over this headline:


Well, I say, it's time to call idiocy what it is.  The fuckwits who are drawing swastikas on schools richly deserve every reaming they are about to get from this basket of deplorables going to Washington to instantiate the 4th Reich.

The problem is, the majority who did NOT vote for Nazis... are getting Nazis anyway.  I wish most fondly that it were possible to separate the two parts and leave the ones who wanted this in line to get it all by themselves.

The next four years will be spent trying to help those hurt by the evil horde at the gates.  As far as possible I will try to make sure whatever I do to help does not assist any of those who brought it on us all.

If that makes me a bad person, I am beyond caring.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F