Three-Word Coordinates

I was alerted by this Language Log entry to a new system of defining one's location - with three words.

What 3 Words is an interesting concept site that gives map coordinates (to within 3m) as three words, rather than typical latitude/longitude strings of numbers.  On the assumption that three words is easier to remember than 15 digits.  Well, that's probably true.  But I was kind of disappointed to see, poking around on the site for a bit, that the word triples are wildly variant, from one three-meter square to another.  Maybe this helps with precision, but I think it sacrifices some of the memorability of them.

Anyway, click the link, play around with it.  Maybe you will find that you live someplace with a really charming set of words.  I live not far from Lovely.Hails.Rising, so hope springs eternal.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F