This Election...

Terrorism is here. It is no longer international news to cluck our teeth about watching the news.

This week the FBI busted up a plot to kidnap the Democratic Governor of Michigan. This is not a movie.

Voter Fraud Fraud

Now just imagine the "poll-watchers" that this orange turd whips up. Showing up outside voting locations with AR-15s to stand in for their fragile masculinity. How will they behave toward people of color, women that they are not sure are mentally subjugated, or anyone who they think might not vote for Pumpkin. "Anyone wearing a mask" is not that bad a heuristic for this mentality.

And do you think for a minute that police will discourage them? Here is an example of servin' and protectin' for you:

At a BLM protest, the protestors get the pepper spray. At a Nazi protest, the BLM counter-protesters get the pepper spray.

This is not a drill

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F