Strange Flavors

We got this box of jellybeans at Wegmans today.

I am not sure "Spiced" is the right word for these. What these jellybeans' flavors are is, a bit unexpected. The green, for example, is spearmint and not lime.

The red ones really threw me at first. They taste like good black licorice.

When you are putting a red jellybean in your mouth you are prepared for... cherry. Strawberry. In a box labeled "spiced", maybe cinnamon. But licorice?

I know there's been research with lollipops on the relationships between color and taste. I did not expect this flavor at first and my brain refused to register it properly for the first few. Now, of course, it's kind of fun.

by the way: more about Wegmans here and here. if you don't live near a Wegmans, all I can say is, neener-neener. I say this with love, of course.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F