Still Riding

MMR from 2015-07-26 13:23:18
Today's ride - home to Public Market via Erie Canal and Genesee River.

After Ride for Pride and all that we went through getting ready, the thing I was worried about was that we'd lose steam and taper off riding afterward.

Well, here it is five weeks later and I am still banging.  Today's ride is one example.  Aside from that, I am commuting to and from work on bike most days, barring rain.

Still not losing weight, but I notice that I am paying more attention to hydration, and when I am better hydrated I seem to eat better.  Also, for some weird reason I don't understand: when I am better hydrated, I sweat less.

I don't need to understand that, to enjoy it.

This is a rather large graffito / painting on a bridge pylon next to the Erie Canal path where I rode today.


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