State Fair

We went to the state fair today!

Amtrak has service from Rochester directly to the fairgrounds during the Fair, and we took that. It was a much more pleasant way to get there than dealing with the nightmarish parking situation.

Deep fried what, now?


It's not a State Fair anymore unless you're deep-frying all manner of stupid things and selling them to people to put in their mouths.  Luckily I am immune to such temptations.


The tenth one down 

Yes, it got me.  I was strong and resolute until I got to "Snickers wrapped in bacon".  Then I folded like a former Pumpkin campaign manager at lunch with Bobby Three Sticks.

Afterward,we needed someplace quiet and cool and out of the sun to recover.  I hear you thinking, There's no place like that at a State Fair!  Well, if the State Fair is in New York, you are quite wrong.  There were a bunch of picnic tables around the pond in the area called "State Park at the Fair".  The shade was copious, the atmosphere was gentle, the breeze was perfect, and we rested there as long as we wanted.

Blissful Retreat

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F