Pumpkin Tweets Nonsense

Today it was a fake video of him beating up a person with the CNN logo for a head.  Whenever you think he's hit bottom, he finds another shovel.  But why?

While news organizations spend airtime talking about the stream of sewage coming from tiny fingers on Twitter, the Trumpists are busy:

  • Turning health care over to private insurers who only care for profit, not health
  • Turning justice over to private prison corporations who only turn a profit when the jails are full, so they spiff judges for sentencing kids to prison.
  • Turning voter data over to cyber-criminals, and elections to the Russians
  • Turning the EPA over to the chemical industry
  • Turning the climate over to the coal industry

 ...and more, and more.

The tweets and the vile insults -- as bad as they are -- are the distraction.  Pay attention to the true evil, going on in the halls of Congress and the Cabinet.

The real villains!  Getty via Politico

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F