Today, I spent some time working on slides for a talk I am going to give about email security.

Lots of things to worry about there.  Malware downloads.  Spamming and scamming.  Nigerian princes.  Phishing.  Phishing takes a few slides to explain, and I added one more with some links to sites that demonstrate what a phish looks like and how to detect it, then report it.

I draft all my slides in Google Drive - Presentations.  Easy enough to convert them to any needed format once they are finished in there.

After I was done for the day with this task, I headed over to Google+ to see what's going on.  One thing you'll usually find near the top of your Google+ stream is a list of suggested communities - broad topic areas which drive a lot of why I like Google+.  Communities group people by interests they share, regardless of geography or former acquaintance.

Today's suggestion for me, however, was good only for a laugh:


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F