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David F

Democratic Party Poopers

The "party" is a mess, it's true The right wing has taken over the DNC which is bad. But it's also good. When true progressives come to the fore, the wreckage of the former liberal party won't be weighing them down.

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David F


I select these songs for Waltz Wednesdays somewhat at random, and I'm often struck by the connections they manifest to other things. This is a good example. Joe Strummer, the late, lamented leader of The Clash, also produced a considerable body of solo work. Including:…

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David F

30 Day Challenge - Pt 3

Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Original post on Pluspora here. Here's a mild-sounding ballad about the exploitation by capital of the world and all its people. The YouTube comments on this were all about how people’s grandmas used to sing this to them. Way…

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David F

30 Day Challenge - Pt 2

Longer than the usual post, covering days 4-18 of this challenge. (Part 1 here and original Pluspora post here)

Day 4 A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget about

I am not into forgetting about people, Not that I don’t, but it really only happens with people who never make a significant impression. This idea of actively wanting to forget someone? If they stirred up that much emotion and motivation, it would be throwing important lessons in the garbage to forget them.

That said... there was this one girlfriend I had in college. Hmmm.


Day 5 A song to be played LOUD

I have a LOT of these but one rises to the top.

And it's not even by Cream. rimshot


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