OK, Cubs. No Pressure.

No World Series win since 1908.  Not even an appearance since 1945.

Theo Epstein, one of the authors of the Boston Red Sox jailbreak from the Curse of the Babe in 2004, is at the head of the only remaining baseball team still facing such a "curse."  Some say, even a bigger one.

And before you wonder who has cracked my account and taken over: no I don't believe in curses.  Not per se.  But I acknowledge that people do believe in them, and that such belief can have real effects.

And please understand that this Orioles fan also loves the Cubs, because... how can you not?  Being married to a Chicago girl doesn't hurt, either.

Anyway.  Tonight it begins.  11 wins and the curse is history.

Go Cubbies!


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F