Not-Pology Level: Master

CNN has a great wrap-up of the tale of the Trump tape where he admitted to sexual assault, and owned up to the fact that he could get away with it thanks to his wealth and celebrity.  Then,  he issues an "apology" that beggars belief by actually making this whole thing worse for him.

His darkly-toned promise to talk about this more on Sunday - at the next debate with Hillary - will doubtless be kept.  He could not be going in a direction more certain to see him eviscerated by her, again.

The recent direction of the Trump "campaign" is stripping away all the supporters who would be happier if he kept the ugliness wrapped in dog-whistles, and leaving only the most hard-core alt-right dudebros still publicly avowing support for him.  But the main reason to keep the pressure on and the work up is this: many more people than will openly admit to supporting him, will vote for him.


Also - he seems determined to deploy Brown Shirts on Election Day.  I hope local law enforcement, at least in the civilized portions of the land, are on the alert for this activity.  (In the Yee-Haw states they will probably join in.)

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F