UPDATE: The Twitter account is a troll.  I was taken in.  My apologies.  Something more thoroughly fact-checked tomorrow.


Kim Davis' husband used her Twitter late yesterday afternoon to send this out.  No, you are not misreading that last hashtag.

The letter itself would be a hilarious parody if so many people were not going to Take It Very Seriously.

"Rose Parks" [sic] may be a great friend of #MLKim.  But the bigots of this world, for whom Ms. Davis is rapidly ascending to the rank of Clown Princess, are the ones who think that Dr. King only ever spoke four words: "I have a dream."  Those bigots will go on to tell you about how they are the real victims.  Their dream is for all the annoying disadvantaged groups to just go back to being happy enough with crumbs, and shut up already.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F