Hometown favorite Mrs. Kasha Davis was eliminated in last night's RuPaul's Drag Race.  I could tell she was in trouble from the opening of the challenge production ("The DESPY Awards"), and no redemption was coming.

This feels like seeing your home team miss the playoffs as a result of the last few games of the season, and I guess it's no different to feel this way about a drag queen than about a baseball team.  A little more so when you know and like the queen.  Perhaps it's as if you regularly hung out with many of the members of the team?

What's odd is to think about how this feels to MKD (Ed Popil).  She's known for months where she got eliminated; the episode we saw from last night was filmed sometime last fall.  Strictly forbidden to talk about any results, she's been watching her local fans' excitement build knowing that it would all continue for only five episodes.

Sports results (assuming they are not fixed, of course) are at least immediate, so friends and family and the players themselves can all react to them and process a loss together.  In this case, as with any reality show, the player knows first.  Then there's a long delay in which the player is still "in", as far as the public knows, and the suspense has to be maintained.  Finally, everyone knows: but that can be months and months down the road.

I'm not sure which is better.