Manny, Gone

Manny Machado has been traded, and thank goodness, the Orioles got a fistful of prospects from the Dodgers for him.  I am glad they are recognizing that the only plans they should be making are rebuilding plans.

My friend Jeff the Dodger fan will be happy.  I'm happy for Manny and glad he'll play on a team that has a chance.  Manny deserves that.  He's been great as an Oriole but the Orioles no longer deserve him.   They are on a pace to lose 115 games this season.

I have already mentioned that the Orioles are not good this year.  But one night this past May, we went to our almost-annual Orioles game and watched these:

So, Manny, thanks for everything.  Now go get you a ring!

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F