TIL that there's someone Putin is afraid of.

Is it this guy?

Aw hell, naw! as they say on Black Jeopardy.  That guy is Putin's muppet!

No, it's this guy....

This is Bill Browder.  He is at least partly responsible for something called the Magnitsky Act.   If you don't know, the Magnitsky Act is the law that allows the assets of human rights violators to be frozen.  The Magnitsky Act is probably how the international community will finally get Vladimir Putin for his crimes against humanity.

Of all the things Putin asked for of his muppet yesterday, this guy was the one mentioned by name.  Putin wants very badly for some of his assassins representatives to get within spitting distance of Bill Browder.

I'm thinking it's not for the selfie opportunity.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F