Liberty and Security

A thought for today and for the future

Yesterday I wrote about why there will always be strong encryption.  Encryption is only a technology - it can enhance both security and liberty, and it can damage both.  The more potential it has to enable criminals and terrorists the more it also serves to protect privacy, necessary military secrets and financial transactions and assets.

If you believe that criminals and terrorists outweigh the lawful military, corporations and private citizens who benefit from strong encryption, I feel sorry for the blighted world you live in.  Where I live, such evildoers are but a flea-bite in comparison.

The people who want to scare you into letting them outlaw good encryption only want it outlawed for you.  Not for them.  What they want to protect is their power.  The good news is that bypassing their schemes is almost laughably easy.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F