Layers of Insanity

As someone pointed out online, every school system has an opening safety plan that requires all children to act 100% of the time as no child has ever acted. In the history of children.

This'll go well. Especially when the administrators' hearts aren't really in it. As we saw in Georgia this week, when a girl was suspended for sharing this picture:

In response to severe Internet backlash, the principal revoked her suspension, completing the Streisand Effect.

Well-played, sir. Tell me, are you as diligent about trying to enforce the mask policy as you are about say, the girls' dress code? Or do you still manage to send every girl home whose outfit that day bares *gasp* a shoulder?

But seriously, the impulse to punish a student who exposes that the mask policy at this school is an absolute joke -- as opposed to the school staff who are utterly failing to enforce it -- shows the tragic denial of reality by all too many of those charged with caring for some aspect of what we used to call, the public good. And the outcome is an anticlimactic obvious one.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F