Jewy Robocalls

Your 2017 GOP, ladies and gentlemen!

The NYTimes has a story today about robocalls going to Alabama voters.  A message from a "Bernie Bernstein" claiming in a nasal vaguely northeastern accent to be a reporter for the Washington Post.  "Bernie" then claims to be offering $5,000-7,000 to women between 54 and 57 years old for dirt on Roy Moore.  Which, he goes on to say, they will not bother to check.

Of course, no such person as Bernie Bernstein works for the WP, nor would any journalist keep their job after making an offer like that.  The NYT's take on this seems to be that the campaign is kind of clumsy and low on credibility.  But that's hardly the point, is it?  First, it's only going to get better.  But more important, this is absolutely a page from Hitler's 1930's playbook.  The reason for this concerted and rather well-funded campaign is to make sure that The Jews are well-marked as the Enemy of a good ol' boy like Moore.  And as the financial policies of the Rethuglicans continue to victimize the 99.8%, they need to keep the drumbeat going for scapegoating everyone who the uneducated voters in the yee-haw states have been raised to hate.  Blacks, Muslims, immigrants, Jews.

Time to go?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F