Issa On A Bubble

Town Hall meetings during this recess are critical.  If Rethuglicans get enough blowback now, such support as Pumpkin has in Congress will crumble.  First a little, and then a lot.

Last week, his caucus told McConnell that if this recess is tough, "it's over."  They're talking health care, and their AHCA replacement of the Affordable Care Act with actual death panels.

At this point, whatever gets rid of the putz-in-chief is good with me.  If his support crumbles on the Hill then we could see the Russiagate investigation gain steam and be less vulnerable to White House interference.

Getty via Politico

So if you have a Rethuglican member of Congress, or Senator, you can make a difference right now.  Go to their Town Halls if they are having them.  If not, go to their offices.  Every day you can.  Keep the heat on, because it's working.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F