Is Faux News Done?

The stories like this are popping up lately, and people are starting to think there might be a chance that Fox News might be end-of-life.

I kind of have a problem with this.  Reality has a well-known liberal bias, but I have also noticed of late that liberals (myself included) have a reality bias.

We keep thinking that logical and sane things are the things that are going to happen.  But we have a Pumpkin for president, don't we?  Nazis are working at the White House.  A Rethuglican body-slammed a reporter and then won his election the NEXT DAY.

Why do we think a bunch of sexual harassment and assault scandals will bring down an organization that prides itself on generating moral panics?  I don't think anything like that will happen.  I think they will solidify their troglodyte base just exactly because of these things.  Just like the Montana voters who liked that their new congressputz body-slammed a Guardian reporter and broke his left-wing eyeglasses.

The 21st century American is, on average, an asshole.  So why would they shut down Fox News?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F