Internet Speeds

This is my SpeedTest.Net result at 7AM today:

I am paying Time-Warner for 50MB download and 5MB upload.  I should be getting that at 7AM, of all times, no?  That C+ grade must be on a curve.  By the way, the 39ms ping is a lot less impressive when you account for the fact that the ping'ed server is right here in Rochester.

I am seriously considering keeping only TW basic cable (if that!), and going to GreenLight Networks.  They have just announced availability in my neighborhood, but the implications from the choices on the sign-up form are that my third-floor apartment is a floor too high for them to work with.  I plan to discuss this with them.

Tell me in the comments what your experience has been getting decent broadband, especially in the USA.  I am actually more interested in better upload speeds, because all my backup is to CrashPlan (which I cannot recommend highly enough!).