Idiocracy, U.K. Edition

Brexit passed - the UK has voted to leave the EU.  As predicted by exactly everyone with a working brain cell, financial markets are panicked.  The Pound is at a 31-year low.  Well-deserved, one is tempted to say, but of course the architects and profiteers of the chaos are never truly the ones who suffer.  The rich hedge and the poor lose what little they still had.

Trump promptly went to Scotland -- that voted overwhelmingly to stay -- and praised the result.  He was promptly corrected on Twitter many times.  Not one fuck was given by Trump however; he is a weapons-grade bullshitter.  The truth is of -0.00 interest to him.

Worth noting is that the same xenophobia and racism and, well, stupidity that gave Brexit a victory have been fueling the steam-boiler of Trump's campaign.  Even more worth noting is that the polls in the UK right down to Wednesday night were skewed well to the "remain" side.  This was at least in part because people who planned to vote racist/xenophobic/stupid at least had the sense not to admit it in public!  So when you see Hillary beating Trump in the polls by 7% or something... remember that.

Some wags are backhandedly "praising" the result for yanking the title of World's Biggest Idiots from the USA and bestowing it upon the UK.  I say, watch carefully, or this "happy" state of affairs will reverse itself right back to us in just 137 days.  Time flies when you're being stupid.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F