Hatred, Fear and Stupidity Win

You betcher ass HE voted.

And not just the stupidity of the right-wing, this time.  Because: what happens when liberals and progressives stay home from the polls?

A TEA-Party idiot wins the Governor's race in Kentucky.  His platform is to roll back health care for the poorest of the poor in his state, because Jesus.

Good work, my fellow liberals.  Go fire up another change.org petition.

Anti-gay and anti-trans fear and hate carry the day in Houston.  This will make sure that trans* people in the Lone Star State get maximum exposure to bashers.

Good work, my fellow progressives.  Send $5 more to Bernie Sanders.  That will improve the lives of trans* teens in Houston... in three or four years, maybe.

Well, actually, do send $5 more to Bernie.  But if you didn't vote yesterday, you suck.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F