Happy Pride!

Yes I know most of the world does Pride in June but Rochester does it in July. I still don't know why. But we went to the Pride Parade today.

Of course, we saw Pride Flags. So many different Pride Flags! Many more than we have seen in prior years. I found this Field Guide to Pride Flags from 2013, just out of my intense curiosity as to what they all signified. I would saythat,today, we saw at least half of these:

Naturally, alt-right asshole bros have to have created "Straight Pride" flags. Ick. The same impulse leads these same assholes to ask every February, "When's White History Month?". Dude, it's all White History Month.

Vendors were out, of course, selling Rainbow Crap. Of course, these are the same vendors who will be selling Green Crap in the middle of March, and Red White & Blue Crapinthe end of May and the beginning of July.

Rainbow Crap Vendor.
Hey, it's a living

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F