Happy _ Day

We don't do Valentine's day or half-birthdays, so there's nothing especially special on tonight chez Frier. That's OK, though, it's nice just to spend quiet evenings together.

Since the pandemic began, everyone's been champing at the bit to drop the restrictions and GO OUT again. I can't help but wonder why. We're introverts, for whom having to "go out" ranges from a chore (going to work, or the grocery store) to a pain (going to parties is really un-fun for us).

Now that governors are ignoring the CDC advice and dropping mask mandates, I am seeing anywhere from 75-90% of people blindly following along, thinking all is fine now, no pandemic, nothing to see here. Hospitals are still stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys but anybody who's not in one now wants to PAR-TAY.

I'm not joining in. But I am keen to do some shopping... do you know where I can find non-fake KN95 masks in black?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F