Good Fake / Bad Fake

Fake has its place.  Sometimes the real is not appropriate or not attainable.  Sometimes it's not even preferable.  Good fakes are well-executed, with attention to detail.  Bad fakes are sloppy and easier to spot if you have any knowledge of the original, whatsoever.

Another take on fake: Good fakes are honest about their fake-ness.  Bad fakes are actively trying to deceive.  If a bad fake is well-executed it might get away with it.  Much harm can result.  Think of the Fox "News" coverage of any issue.

If a good fake is poorly executed it's more disappointing than anything.  You indulge in the honest fakes to go along, have some fun.  When it's well done, it really delivers.  But if it doesn't do a good job, it's just a let-down.

I sense the eventual arrival of one of those 2x2 matrices, and more discussion on this to come.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F