Never as good. Never as bad.

Buck Showalter, 100% class act

The Orioles finished the season this year with an exactly .500 record, and with a sweet sweep of the Yankees.  So that's pretty good.  On the other hand, the Orioles will be mere spectators for the playoffs.  Not so good.

Just in case you did not know this about me, my favorite baseball teams are: the Orioles, the Cubs, and whoever's playing the Yankees that day.  It's always particularly gratifying when two of those three are the same team, and they win.

Buck Showalter, at this point the greatest Orioles' manager -- maybe since Earl Weaver, maybe ever -- said this after the game:

Our fans have been through thick and thin.... There's been some unbelievable moments here this year. You look at not being the last team standing, but there are so many things that you reach back for, and I was very happy we could end it on a positive note. Just a subtle reminder that nothing's ever as good as it seems and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. You try to keep a sense of reality.

Nothing's ever as good or as bad as it seems, indeed.  Buck Showalter had gotten news Saturday night that his 87-year old mother had passed away.  He came to the ball park for what he knew was the last game of an arguably disappointing season, and made out the lineup card.  He watched players that his bosses in the warehouse will probably not spend the money to re-sign, finish their contract years with an excellent game.  And he never said anything to anyone about his mother.  What was it going to help?

I will be available by appointment to debate the Earl Weaver thing.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F