Furnishing the New Home

Welcome to the new home of this blog; I'm glad you found your way here.  There's work to do yet setting up all the features exactly as I want, but I think it's close enough to ready to take it out for a spin and introduction.

One major change you'll notice is that comments will be possible both here on the site, and on Google+.  I will always post a link to G+ when there's a new entry here.  With the Blogger platform I often had some trouble doing that.  Here, it is seamless and reliable (so far).  I also noticed many times, people would comment on a post... somewhere.  Their comments would wind up in a strange limbo between G+ and Blogger/Blogspot, and I could not reply.

Other than that, I will say that Blogger kind of felt to me like "training wheels" for blogging.  Today, I am taking them off.  I expect a few scraped knees, but so it goes.  Also in the forecast: overstretched metaphors.  But I don't think the platform where I host the blog affects that.

Thanks for reading.