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I read a little Twitter but it's not my thing.  Yes, I cross-post this blog at @Kahomono, but other than that I am not very active anywhere but Google+.

And I have said here a couple times, the Pumpkin's tweets are a lot of things.  Some of them might be illegal, and they are surely a distraction.  They don't really have the weight of an executive order, but they can steal a news cycle more than most executive orders.  Covfefe, anyone?

This Twitter account, @RealPressSecBot, is doing something brilliant.  By formatting all of Pumpkin's tweets like this,

it makes the point - wordlessly - that if it cannot be taken seriously, it should not be stated by the President.  And if it can be taken seriously, it should not be a m-f-ing TWEET!

Most, of course, will be in the first bucket.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F