Fave Five

On Sunday, I gave you the Top Twelve posts of this year, as decided for me by the blog's stats.  But of course, I need to have some control, beyond merely bucking the decimal convention.  So now: my favorite five posts of 2015 as decided by just me.

Owl Prowl  In which I take a nature walk with my all-time favorite trail guide, photographer, amateur ornithologist and pretty much everything else.

Not X.  Where X is anything that it now holds a social stigma to be: racist, homophobic, etc.  This is an easy way to understand what it means when you hear "I am not..." X.

End Manhood  I wrote a lot of SJW-ish rants this year, but this one actually got me called "SJW."  Also, something new I had not seen before, a "Guardianista."  So proud.

Why to Pray. Or something.  A commenter told me, Congratulations, you've re-discovered meditation.  Well, what if I did?

User, Customer, Client  How to calibrate your expectations of a technology provider.  This may save you some hair-pulling frustration.

Honorable mention goes to two series I was very pleased to complete: one, on the basics of Ingress (start here), and another on the Top Ten + One things religious people say to atheists that (a) drive us crazy and (b) don't have anything like the intended effect.  That series is indexed here.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

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