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End Manhood


Photograph: Imaginechina/Rex Shutterstock 

Yep.  Just do away with the whole stupid concept.  That’s the kinda-serious proposal of Zach Stafford in his Guardian op-ed published today.

Isn’t it a tempting concept to explore?  All the trouble and violence caused by, at its root, male insecurity… gone!  The invalidation of the autonomy and potential of half our species… gone!

The replacement would be the radical notion that people at all positions on the spectra of gender and sex are… wait for it….


You who are reading this, who are prisoners of the manbox, wouldn’t you like to be free?

You who are reading this, who love someone despite his residency in the manbox, wouldn’t you love for him to be released?

You who are reading this, who are in denial about the very existence of the manbox, when you start calling me names in the comments, we’ll know who you are, and will try to send good thoughts your way, even as difficult as you make that.







  1. Jacques

    “Violence is often the single most evident marker of manhood,” sociologist Michael Kimmel wrote.

    Hmmmm….. makes me wonder if I’ve yet to achieve manhood.
    Of course I’ve always ascribed to a different saying:

    “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
    Isaac Asimov

    • David Frier

      Perhaps not. But by that definition of manhood, maybe we never shall. That would be good.

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