Trump "thinks" Australia's health-care system (single-payer universal care) is fantastic, then he hosts a beer-bash with House Rethuglicans to celebrate yanking all health coverage from 24 million Americans.

He also "thinks" Erdogan, Duterte and of course Putin are wonderful guys.

So here's the thing.  Trump doesn't actually think anything at all.  His board tells him what to say publicly that makes the most money for them each day, and he says it.  If it's opposite things from day to day, well, that's how high-velocity trading works, I guess.

It's so hard.  I know.  But we have to ignore what Trump says and focus on the less screechy things going on in Congress and the Cabinet departments.  That's where the real horrors will unfold, if we let them.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F