Death by Powerpoint

I am really trying not to kill anyone.

Death by PowerPoint by Alexei Kapterev


In the past I have been plenty guilty of making some of the "what not to do" examples. Not the worst, by far, but enough so that I felt guilty when I saw them. (Slide 36 in this classic presentation, at least, made me feel better.  I never did anything THAT horrible.)

Now I am trying to improve.  If you compare my slides this year and last from the Rochester Security Summit, I hope you will see I am making progress.

This is important.  If we want our message to land, the passion has to show up.  6x6 bullets don't show anything.

Once they take out their phones, the speaker has failed
Once they take out their phones, I have failed.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F