Community Policing

John Perry Barlow recently tweeted this picture.

When I was a kid, I was taught that if I was in any kind of trouble out there, the best sight I could hope to see would be a policeman.  But the experience of black kids my age was not so positive even then (remember, I am older than dirt).  And it's not improving. People say that "it's no worse, it's just on the news more."   Well, good!  If it's on the news more, that is probably the main thing that will create the pressure to fix it.

I am working on confirming that the process that Rochester NY has in place is fair.  I started down this road as detailed here, and my work continues now with a contact made with the office of one of our at-large City Council reps to understand some of the possible gaps in the process and what can be done to shore them up if they are real.

Keep an eye on this - more to come.