Clean the Studio?

A friend tells of a time he was trying to break into the music business.  He started hanging around a studio, and after work he would grab a broom and clean up.  They let him stick around because he was willing to clean the studio.  But he was kind of stuck for a while, with cleaning the studio.

He'll now warn, "Don't clean the studio"....

Last summer, I moved this blog to WordPress.  It needed to be on a stronger platform than Blogger, and so I dove in.  But now, I find myself the person in the room with some basic WordPress skills.  And wouldn't you know, now I find myself the "helper" on five different WordPress blogs.  In volunteer work, in local community efforts, at the office.  I picked up the broom and cleaned that studio, yes I did.

Maybe I should have listened to my friend.  But the problem with a lot of good advice is, you don't always recognize your need for it until the chance to heed it has passed.

P.S. It'll be interesting to see who from one of the contexts where I am the "WordPress helper" will mention this to me.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F