Check this out:

So what have we learned today? There's really a very profound lesson in here.

When Americans complain about gasoline prices, it's a lie. They clearly do not care. If they insist they do care, it's a lie.

Except for California, and (somehow) Florida, the most popular vehicle in every state is a truck or SUV. Not a passenger car, and sure as sh* not a hybrid.


If you haul air in an F150 to work and home every morning and evening, then when you kvetch about this:

you are, to put it simply, full of crap.

As for me, I hope gas goes to $15 in the US, because I don't know what else will drive people off these death-mobiles. And if $15 isn't enough to do that, I hope it goes to $50.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F