Cars > Humans?

South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto, the GOP's majority whip, got fired from her day job for this, but... I can't really figure out why!

One of the ugliest American exceptionalisms is the tendency to value internal-combustion powered vehicles over the humans they supposedly serve.  This example is not a departure from American values, it's an extension of them.

Consider this: why is jaywalking an offense?  Literally: whose streets?  Our streets.  Our cars' streets?  No.

Or, other than automotive chest-thumping, what is the point of this?

I don't mean the so-called "rolling coal"; the disgusting pointlessness of that is self-evident.  My question for you might be a little harder:

What is the point of a Ford F-450?


This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F