BSides Rochester

In a post last fall, I talked about the term "hacker" and how the proper meaning of it has been subverted by sloppy media coverage and a lack of understanding of what a typical hacker is looking for out of life.

Now is the time to mention an annual conference held each spring here in Rochester, where they officially Get It™ about what it really means to be a hacker.

Rochester BSides is a product of the national BSides movement, a loose coalition of hacker conferences that are free to attend, and offer an exciting and safe space for hackers of every kind to swap stories, check out presentations, and work together on challenges.  The fact that this conference has an emphasis on information security is a bonus, for me at least.

If you're already itching to get in on this, you should be hitting the registration link now.

If you're not, that's OK.  Not everyone digs on the joy of taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they work.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F