Binary is for Numbers

​I have made my living all my adult life working with computers and information technology. The ultimate baseline of that work is, binary numbers. When you enjoy something on the Internet, it's thanks to millions and billions and trillions of binary numbers. The binary numbers may be arranged so as to be interpreted as text, or graphics or music, or as machine code to instruct your computer how to display the text or graphics or play the music. If you take a break from that and go to your couch and watch a DVD, that DVD contains up to 38 billion binary digits ("bits") for your viewing pleasure. Everything is a 1 or a 0; all else is interpretation.

This is great for numbers, and even for digital approximations of real life encoded using numbers. But it's not so good for people. Being forced into a binary interpretation of their sexuality or gender is not healthy for anyone, and it's not even possible for many. These dimensions of our selves are not "this or that, pick one!" ​They are not binary. ​They are each a spectrum.

Just as we all exist on a spectrum of strength, agility, intelligence, or geniality, so too we all exist on a spectrum of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Maybe "spectrum" is not even the right term, because it implies that one must go in one particular direction or its opposite. Maybe, to borrow a different word currently having its day in the sun, it's a ​​cloud.

On June 18, I will be participating in the Ride for Pride, a major annual fundraiser for the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley. I started volunteering with the GAGV in 2011, and it has been an enormous help to me in understanding how our nation must evolve toward its goals of truly treating all people with equality and dignity, wherever they live in that cloud.​ Your support would mean the world to me as we continue with the civil rights struggle of our lifetime.

This year, as a special bonus, should I hit my $1K fundraising goal, I will be dying my hair and painting my nails a color chosen by you, the donors! Make any donation to my ride for the chance to vote!

My fundraising page is at​ ​

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F