A Choice is Binary or It Isn't

Nobody who is NOT in this photo will be elected in November.
Nobody who is NOT in this photo will be elected President this year..  

Here are two ways to lie about a choice.

One is to portray it as binary when it isn't. There's a cartoon floating around today, asking whether to put a baby in the microwave or the blender. But when they guy responds, "...um... neither?" he gets yelled at about throwing away his vote.

The choice of what to do with a baby is not binary.  There are a LOT of options beside the microwave and the blender.

The cartoon, of course, is really making a point about an actual binary choice: who will be the next President.  It's saying we should continue to consider a whole range of options.  Like the other things we could do with that baby.

This is a vivid demonstration of the other way to lie about a choice: saying it's not binary, when it really is.  It demonstrates ignorance (at best) about our election choices this November.  The choice for the Presidential election IS now binary.  Bernie is not getting elected our 45th President, neither is Jill Stein, nor Gary Johnson, nor any of the other usual suspects that roil around every four years clamoring for scraps of attention.

If you sincerely believe that anyone other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to win the US Presidential election in November 2016, you are deluded.  If you are going around saying that this is possible, without believing it, you are a liar.

It's just that simple, this time.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F