Attitude Adjustment

They say you choose your attitude about things.  I'm not sure it's always 100% up to you.  How you're being treated by the fates can color the way you assess something.

On Waltz Wednesday just past, Jill had to fly out for a quick family-visit trip to Chicago.  This gave me a very negative attitude about our overbuilt airportSt00pid huge expensive thing, waste of Monroe County taxpayer money

Today, she flies home.  This gives me a very positive attitude about our never-crowded airportWhat a dream, always quick to get through security, never any trouble finding parking.

These interpretations of our airport might each be colored by my personal situation.  And this time, that's easy to recognize.  

When your personal stake in something colors yourjudgementofit,or your attitude about it, is it always so easy for you to be aware of that?

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F