And... Back to the Guest Hosts

Well, that was quick.

About 9 days after he was named the host, he's out as the host. The scandals & allegations were mounting up too quickly

How is it, in 2021, that a company like Sony doesn't have a team on staff to scour social media and find the items that are going to cause problems like this? BEFORE making big announcements that are really, really hard to walk back?

Jeopardy! had the privilege* of the squeaky-clean Alex Trebek for 37 years. They have never had to deal with this.

Ultimately I think we're better off for it but it's not great TV while it's happening. For a stunning example of "not great TV", note the fact that when the show premieres on Sep. 13, the first handful of episodes will be the ones Mike Richards hosted yesterday, before resigning today.

They've no choice - the continuity of contestants has to be preserved if at all possible. So after probably 5 or so shows with Richards, back to a succession of lame guest hosts. Or, maybe they will just hire Anderson Cooper: that'd be OK with me.

Hey, Sony, here's another social-media thing you should become familiar with:


* - A word that means, "A luxury that you do not recognize as such because you have never known the lack of it."

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F