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Space Cadets

I don’t think the way to get the human race spaceborne is this.

Billionaires in space is something of a step backward. But we get the space program we deserve.

The Wingnut Cycle

The parodists are back to reporting truth.

This part is OUR fault

I don’t know when rational people will get with the program and stop engaging. This has worked hundreds of times for those villains and we keep allowing it. We have to break the cycle.

Ignore them. Ignore them! IGNORE THEM!


Some days it’s fun just to daydream

That’s all for today. See you Tuesday!


Okay, I guess it’s better than if they fully embraced the gilded age redux that we live in.

Click though for higher consciousness, indeed

But tell me again, what does this really accomplish? How many years of college does it need to wear a shirt that offers to mechanically sodomize the patriarchy?

How many years of college could be financed, on what that shirt cost?

The Star

The Star of the County Down is an old Irish folk song with many, many recorded versions out there.

I originally came to like this song from a very down-tempo version of it, something similar to this (not this one exactly, the one I heard was still a bit slower). I liked that one fine.

So when I first heard Van Morrison do this next version:

I thought, what’s his freakin’ hurry?

But then I heard the O.G. do this

I can get behind this version. After all, it’s the Irish Rovers.

But the next one really gets the blood flowing:

Anyway… feel free to link your own in the comments.

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