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Covid finally got here

Luckily, a mild case. J and I both have it, to the same degree. Still, even a mild case of this is like the worst. cold. ever.

We probably caught it the weekend of the 24th. J got sick with what just seemed like a cold on the Tue., the 27th. She tested, but it came up negative. OK, colds happen. I still went out to meetings on Wed and Thu. Ugh. I may have infected a few people while I was still asymptomatic. That sucks.

On Fri. afternoon, I started to feel it. By Mon. morning, it was time to test again – this was no ordinary cold. Sure enough, that bright red T line popped up as soon as the sample hit it. 15 minutes, my ass.

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Back to Normal?

What’s normal? I did announce a break for some travel. I didn’t expect to let it stretch to two months, but it did. Anyhow, I’m back now.

The Rochester Security Summit is coming up and I will be speaking there.

Other than that… the usual panoply of political outrage continues.

Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme merde

Blog Schedule

The blog is officially an every-other-day thing. It’s been spotty lately as I continue to dig out from under the technology chaos caused by my search for a final stop of a Linux distro (look back a week or so on this blog for details).

I submit that it may continue spotty for another couple of weeks, as various non-routine events take over. I will post when I can and provide possibly-amusing anecdotes when I do.

OSINT Caturday

Do you post pictures of your cat on Saturdays, in celebration of the internet Sabbath known as #Caturday?

I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a website devoted to mapping the cats of the world, based on mapping the geo-location information in a million publicly available cat pictures found on the Internet.

If you infer a warning from this, you are correct.

This picture never had any geo-info to remove, because Apple defaults toward protecting privacy (mostly). But not all phones behave the same: check your settings.

Final? meta-infra

I think I have everything I want working. And without changing any hardware!

Fingers crossed while I shake it down for a few days….

What’s this all about? See here and here.

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