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Police departments in the US were not founded to fight crime, they were founded to deter and to reverse the escape of slaves.

The cycle of violence against the black communities continues, unbroken. It’s obvious that doing the same thing over and over is never going to produce a different result. This must be the result that some in power still want. Slavery may be over, but it’s not really. Ask the Amazon workers in Bessemer.

A racist institution will continue to be racist. When action is taken to make it less racist, the wounds inflicted on the institution will heal. And it will be racist again/still. Maybe even stronger at the broken places. Yes, that principle works for evil as well as good.

Bangers & Mash

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We did not much enjoy most of the food we had in England, but Bangers & Mash was a shining exception.

To make it satisfyingly at home, it turned out the critical component was being able to get the gravy just right. Then we found this recipe. Now all’s right with the world.


The withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a positive step, to be sure.

But we’ll continue to “exert our influence” from afar, never you doubt it.

Drink To Me

This #WaltzWednesday, I wanted to put in this song. I remember it from junior high school, our boys’ chorus sang it. I used to be a good counter-tenor, now I’m just a mediocre baritone.

Anyway, when I went looking for recorded versions of this song, I found an embarrassment of riches. Have a look at page one:

And the very first one is the one that really caught my eye. Hmm, so he recorded this slightly sappy Elizabethan love ballad? Well, gotta give that a spin:




This is a great observation

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It’s also accurate. Everyone knows the best stuff came out when we were teens. And by we, I do mean, me.

Decide how much I am kidding.

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