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It’s Monday Somewhere?

The response to “what time is it?” should not be “where?”

Thanks to the weird habit we have of time-zoning the planet, it might actually be Monday somewhere. And I do owe an update on Monday.

Monsoon Season

Jinkx Monsoon won Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Well deserved, and in no small part helped by this:

But now she’s back on All Stars Season 7, and the second episode was Snatch Game again. And Jinkx… is absolutely on another level this year.

That’s but a taste. Seriously, get yourself in front of the whole episode. It’s a barn-burner.


That’s it! They are trying to reintroduce predators. This fits all the known facts…

I mean, these people are really devoted to the natural order of things! Remember, they are the ones who voted to let babies starve, unless their mothers can start lactating on demand.

The Onion Gets the Story

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

And they run this story… over and over.

Now the shooters themselves are starting to be more explicit. This latest one, literally around the corner from my office, was explicitly and exclusively about race.

And directly echoing villains like Tucker Carlson, or Elise Stefanik, whose exercise in stochastic terrorism would land them in jail if the “justice” system here weren’t such a joke.

Spring has Finally Sprung

In Rochester, that means lilacs!

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