What's the Over/Under

Trump in 1998, committing a felony. Photo: Newsweek.com
Trump in 1999, possibly not committing another felony.
Photo: Newsweek.com 

It's clear by now that even documented evidence of felonies is not enough to shut down the Trump campaign.  And if there's any thing he's good at, it's creating clouds of lawyerly obfuscation to make sure the rubes (that's us, America) don't have any idea what's going on.

On July 27, when he asked the Russians to hack the DNC mail servers, it may have been moot by then.  But it was also probably a violation of the Logan Act.  (see also)

And then, this past week, Newsweek ran a story explaining how an "exploratory" trip to Cuba Trump made in 1998 was, as far as anyone with working brain cell can see, a violation of the Cuban Embargo, which was in full force at the time.

I have no hope that this will lead to Trump resigning his nomination in ignominy to concentrate on his legal matters.  No -- my question is, what is the over/under on active criminal investigations that result in charges or indictments, between now and Dec 2017.

My best guess where to set that line is, 5½.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F