I support Bernie, let's make no mistake about that.  But I am all the way out of patience for the whole Bernie-or-Bust crew who say they will withhold their vote or write in Bernie if Hillary is the Dem nominee in the fall.   And yet why did Bernie lose in the NY primary, among others?  People who want to influence the Democratic nominee need to remember that they can't do it with hashtags.  They need to actually vote.  And to vote meaningfully, they need to be registered as Democrats in states that require that to vote in the Democratic primary:

If you wanted to vote for Bernie but couldn’t soil yourself with being a Democrat, your fault. Voting isn’t a consumer choice. It’s a compromise with reality. Registering as an independent is fine if you want to remain so pure you can’t be stained by whatever the Democrats choke up. But don’t complain that you couldn’t vote for the candidate you want to win. Because if all those independents in New York who wanted to vote Bernie registered as Democrats, Bernie might have won the state.

How stupid is it to sit on the sidelines for the primary and then complain that the primary didn't go the way you wanted?

This, along with the even more moronic pledge to vote for nobody (because that's what a write-in vote amounts to!) in November, is a lesson determinedly ignored from only sixteen years ago.  In 2000, Ralph Nader's ideological purity pledge in the face of that monster, Al Gore, got us: eight years of W, 9/11, the "patriot" act, the Iraq war, eight trillion dollars flushed down the "defense" industry rat-hole, tanking the economy in 2008, and one more that will still ache like an old bruise for years to come... Roberts and Alito on the Supreme Court.

And I hear people today saying the same line they did in 2000: The Dem candidate is so slimy that the country deserves a Republican who will show the people how messed-up the current system is.

Just like he showed us in 2000, that Nader did.  Yessirreebob.  This will go even better this time, when you consider that while W may have been a klutz who basically slept through two terms and let evil minions Cheney et al. have the run of the place, Cruz/Trump is likely to show us a lot more efficiency for evil, if nothing else.  And need I mention the goblins either of them will put on the Court?

Apparently, I do.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F