Vote Today. For Biden.

One thing Pumpkin has put to death, I hope, is the leftist trope that the two parties are just the same, and so you should vote for fantasy candidates like Jill Stein. Then let the idiots elect the Rethuglican, and watch them get what they deserve.

This has always struck me as lacking in discernment, if I am feeling charitable. Disingenuous, if I am feeling more irked. In 2020, it's downright treasonous. So today is either the end or a new uphill beginning.

And... here are your results

As I write this I learn that the R stronghold of Dixville Notch, NH, always the first precinct in the nation to report, has voted 5-0 for Biden. A good start.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F