If you were to ask me to name my least favorite things about America over the past decade, there's no guarantee what those would be.  But there's a very good chance for "guns", "Texas" and "football" to make the short list.  Just imagine how it goes when all three are combined!

Read the full horrifying account here.  I did, and now I kind of wish I had not.  

The short version: Two guys got into a fight outside the Dallas Cowboys' stadium after the game Sunday.  One had a gun and pulled it out and pointed it at the other's head.  The assembled onlookers started chanting for him to pull the trigger, so he did.

Racist tweets did ensue, along with all other kinds of good ol' Murrican fun.

As it turns out, psychological research has identified an effect where the presence of guns in a situation escalates the violence of the response of the people in that situation.  If this bears out under replication attempts, I think it's definitely an argument for repeal or serious rewriting of the 2nd Amendment.  I want there no longer to be any ambiguity that we as a society have a right to keep killing implements out of the hands of random idiots whose ideas of the seriousness of killing come from spaghetti Westerns.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F