The 9/11 Terrorists' Trial

Remember that? Remember how the 9/11 terrorists all managed to survive crashing airplanes into stuff? And were then arrested and given a fair trial?
“In the House, the President got less due process than the 9-11 terrorists got. This is a corrupt process?” Mark Levin @marklevinshow “Very much so!” @RepDougCollins @FoxNews
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 20, 2020

The Pumpkin is not insane and he is not connecting with alternate historical timelines. The Pumpkin is actively engaged in making the truth, and reality, irrelevant.

This is actually far worse. Yes, he's literally unbelievable.

But that is the aim: to get people to believe things that are absurd.

Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities


That is how you get a nation to allow or participate in a Holocaust. For example.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F