Six Months

Six months ago, I opened up a blank Blogspot window and said, Hello World. The next day, I committed to post at least something every day.  After a while Blogspot felt like training wheels, so I took them off about a month ago. Here are a few random things I have started to learn from this process.

  • I use the word "So" too much, especially to start a sentence.  I think this is rooted in my desire to see everything as having a logical basis, especially a cause that precedes it.  This, "so" that.  So I will try to be more careful not to let this verbal tic make my writing flow poorly.
  • I haven't had to resort to pictures of my cats yet for a post, but I have come close in a few instances better left unlinked.
  • Sometimes you stick a link or two in your drafts folder and come back later and write a killer post.  Sometimes you come back later and ask, what was I thinking?
  • Sometimes you ask that same question about a post you actually published.
  • The most fun posts to write are the ones where you're pissed off about something.
  • The best-received posts are the ones where you get a whacky idea, maybe something a little meta-, and you run with it.
  • The second kind are not as much fun to write, but they way more fun to have written.

Only six more months, and it will have been a year.

This article was updated on May 9, 2023

David F