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Aaron Jernigan, a cop in Missisippi, murdered Marc Davis, a black man, after Davis called 911 for an ambulance for himself due to a traffic accident. This racist officer in this racist city was just named Mississippi's Police Officer of the Year.

This makes tragic sense, for Mississippi.

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Just who the hell are high school reunions for?

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Someone asked the "question of the day" recently on Pluspora's #checkin, about what is a good household tip? To make housework easier. So one guy, with a little bit of a privileged attitude, answered, "Best tip I can think of: get a live-in maid. That makes all kinds of household chores easy."

Now, I quite agree about the value of hiring workers skilled to help with domestic tasks. We do it. That said, I had trouble reading “Get a live-in maid” as a response to that QOTD request for household tips in any other vein than parody. The SNL skit writes itself, doesn't it? So I asked him if it was a joke. I really wanted it to be a joke. Alas, it was not a joke. At that point, my brain fried a little.

For my money all discussion about what’s “manly” or not is presumed bullshit until proven otherwise. It adds zero value and is mostly used as a weapon. Same goes for all the other gendered words that presume to tell people what they can do or wear or like. "Masculine", "feminine", "manly", "ladylike"? All can go straight to the dung-heap.

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This article was updated on May 9, 2023

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